Carl-Petter Berg – Bass
Stefan Stiss Lundvall – Drums
Johan Luyckx – Guitar/Backing vocals
Johan Pernrud – Guitar/Vocals

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Johan Pernrud:

Guitars: Gibson Les Paul Standard Traditional Pro, Gibson SG Standard, Fender Telecaster Highway One (recording only).

Pedalboard: Keeley BD-2 Phat Mod Blues Driver, Boss TU-3 Tuner, Dunlop CryBaby 535Q Wah, Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Delay (+No-name Tremolo in ”Wet Out”).

Amps/cab: 1964 Selmer Truvoice Treble n Bass 50 Head, Laney GH50R Head, Marshall 1960B cab with 25W Greenbacks/65W Vintage 30s.

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Organic, dynamic and multi-faceted; Jämmerdal creates a space for new ideas in a classic format.

Since forming as a power trio with Johan Pernrud, Carl-Petter Berg and Klas Svahn (drums) in Malmö, Sweden in April 2013 and subsequently adding a fourth member in Johan Luyckx , Jämmerdal decided there had to be room for more creative variety in rock music than dictated by the current musical climate. After a line-up change in 2015 where Klas Svahn chose to focus on his other project State of Droids, Jämmerdal released Things That Were Lost in the Flood in December of 2016, an EP consisting of five tracks recorded in the band’s rehearsal studio and engineered, mixed and masterminded by the band themselves. Two songs into the recording phase a heavy rain flooded the studio, destroyed most of the equipment, and gave name to the album. But the band soldiered on and brought their vision to the stage six months before the release of the EP.

With an eagerness to create new music and an updated take on the new line-up with powerhouse Stefan Lundvall on drums, Jämmerdal diligently started writing songs for a new release even before the release of Things That Were Lost in the Flood.

Recorded in 2017 at Lunds Demonstudio, Sweden, with Mats Wiksborg at the helm, The Strange Is Here appeared in May of 2018. The album plays to the band’s strength of combining off-the-beaten-track songwriting with a sense of groove, a psychedelic/space rock tinge and full on, in-your-face rock.

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